I know this was supposed to be up last week, but like I said, we’re the perfect procrastinators. Enjoy! =D


The pilot episode of the MarkAlex podcast!
Today we talk about Laneway festival, Universal Studios Singapore, and the upcoming trip to East Timor!

Laneway Festival 2013

This post should have been up a couple weeks ago, but we’re procrastinators like that so it’s only coming out now.

So, on 26 Jan 2013, we went for St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival 2013. For those of you who don’t know what Laneway is: it’s an australian music festival that comes to Singapore once a year and features some pretty big indie bands in the world.

Kings of Convenience opened the festival and we definitely agree it was a good start to the day. I mean, c’mon, what better way to open the show than with some mellow music?

Poliça came on next and we fell in love with her instantaneously! We loved that she used double the bass power in her music and that it felt dance-y-ish.

We tried giving Cloud Nothing a chance, we really did, but OMG! It was a unanimous agreement that they sucked big time. Whoever thought that putting a Metal band in an indie music festival would be a good idea was obviously an idiot. Really.

Because we could tolerate them no longer, we left the festival for a while to get some food before running back in time for Of Monsters and Men. Boy, did we have the time of our lives singing along with the crowd!

We left the festival again for the next 2 hours (because the sun was already melting our skins off our bodies) before coming back again for Kimbra We liked her, but I don’t think we fell head over heals in love with her like we did Poliça. Interesting sound, and we admit it was fun listening to her, but I think that’s about it.

Real Estate played next and we honestly really liked their music! We did say we were going to buy their stuff off iTunes, but we have yet to do that. #lifeofaprocrastinator

After the long wait throughout the day of good music, we finally got to see Alt-J play! Sure, they had a little technical issue for about 5 minutes (someone must’ve gotten fired for that), but we loved them nonetheless.

The crowd numbers had exploded by that time because it was already after dinner and people were there ‘early’ because Gotye was the closing act, so we left the festival early.

We regret nothing though, despite forgetting to bring sunblock and getting terrible sunburns after that day. A day filled with the best music in the world is always a good day.

Photos of the festival are up on our Facebook page!

We’ll see you guys soon!


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Please drive safely guys!

Our prayers go out to the family of the boys who were involved in the Tampines accident on Monday.

On Monday, two boys, aged 13 and 7, were crushed by a cement truck while they were cycling home after the elder volunteered to fetch his little brother from school after his CCA that evening because his mum couldn’t make it.

The driver of the truck, 56, as been arrested for causing death by a rash act.

It saddens us to know that 2 young lives could end so easily just like that because of a negligence in road safety. We can’t imagine the hurt and suffering the family is going through right now.

Please guys, for the sake of all the little kids who have their whole lives ahead of them, drive safely. Nobody deserves to go just because someone decided that all these safety regulations are tedious to practice.

To the family of Nigel and Donaval Yap, we pray that the Good Lord be with you and watch over you, that he heals the hurt inside you, and that their souls rest peacefully with Him. Amen.


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439 Plays

Here’s a song for all the dudes out there whose girls are far away tonight.

We recently stumbled upon Chris August on NoiseTrade and we love him! He’ll ring well with fans of John Mayer.

~Lover come home, cause I’m kind of alone tonight~


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The journey begins…

We just finished branding MarkAlex Productions and we’re so excited to get started on our podcast channel! (Look out for our first episode on iTunes on 23 Feb!)

We can’t wait to announce the publicity and all that once we’ve got everything settled down.

This is so exciting!!!! =D

We’ll keep you posted on the progress!


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